Female Body Glass - Set Of 2 ( PRE-BOOKING - DELIVERY STARTS 10th FEB)

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Enjoy your drink in this female body shaped glass and cherish the drink. These glasses are great for parties, anniversaries, close knit occasions and the likes. The beautifully moulded glass comes with a long and sleek stem which makes it easy to grip. The round and broad base lets you place the glass safely without spilling any of the contents. You can decorate your little corner bar with these glasses or store them on a shelf. Whichever you choose to do, these glasses are going to add some sensuous feelings to your home decor.

Material : Light Weight Borosilicate Glass

Height    : 21.5 Cm

Mouth Width : 5.5 Cm

Capacity : 180 ml

Weight.   : 80 Gram

Set of 2 glasses

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