Figurine Soft Crafts

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Resin crafts, an emerging craft that is quietly sprouting in our home life. 

Modern and simple, traditional and simple, sometimes gorgeous and elegant, sometimes deep and thick.
Candle sticks, sculptures, vases, art clocks, paintings, art ornaments, small furniture and other new resin accessories, gradually entered our living room, with more and more attention to its unique charm.
With their simple elegance and humanistic atmosphere, the home space is more elegant and charming and the blunt space is more soft and warm.
It is this magic in the ordinary that adapts to different levels of consumers and it is the best gift for gifts and personal use.
Suitable for living room bedroom office decoration


  • Materials Resin
  • Style Popular art
  • Subject People
  • Style Simple modern
  • Pendulum form Decorations
  • Technology Resin technology
  • Category character
  • Material: Synthetic resin
  • size: 28 * 11 * 10cm
  • Craft: carving

Package Dimensions & Weight : 39*19*18 cm & 1.10 kg

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