Pineapple Gold Stainless Steel Glass

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The Pineapple Gold Stainless Steel Glasses are a beauty to behold! The very appearance of the glasses will make you gape at them and when you use them, you will be enthralled. These glasses are good for regular and rough use as there is no fear of any damage, dents, breakage or chipping. Owing to the golden colour, these glasses emit a radiance of royalty and their gleam and glitter are surely going to win many hearts. Use them for their quality, durability, ease of cleaning and fine design.

Material : Stainless Steel

Color : Gold

Height : 19 cm

Width : 7.5 cm

Capacity : 550 ml

Single piece only

With this elegant yet unusual glass in the form of a pineapple cocktail cup, you can give your home bar a tropical feel. This classic glass will always look attractive and classy in your barware collection.

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