Rippling Rectangular Ceramic Platter-Set Of 2

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This Rippling Rectangular Ceramic Platter set is what one needs, to enhance the serving as well as dining experience. The rippling design on the platter is amazing, which adds to the design of the tray. This classy piece is crafted with a unique design to add a dose of sophistication. This will complement your dining area. The tray has an excellent build quality and a sturdy design.

Material : Ceramic

Length : 25 cm

Breadth : 15 cm

Height : 2 cm

Set of 2 pcs 

To improve the serving and dining experience, one requires this set of Rippling Rectangular Ceramic Platters. Amazing rippling patterns on the platter enhance the tray's overall look. This elegant item has a distinctive design that adds a touch of refinement. Your eating space will look good with this. The tray features a strong design and great construction.

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