Stemless Fountain Glass - Set Of 2

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Set of:
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Serve the best wine in these glasses. Usually, wine glasses come with a long stem but these stemless wine glasses are unique in style and great for regular use. The thin and fine quality glasses are totally free from any toxins. You can drink the wine later but at first you will get to admire it when poured in these stemless wine glasses. Hold these glasses comfortably and enjoy your drink every time.

Material : Glass

Capacity : 200 ml

Height : 10 cm

Width : 7 cm

Set of 2

Use these glasses to serve your favourite wine. These stemless wine glasses are distinctive in form and excellent for everyday usage. Wine glasses typically have a lengthy stem. The exquisite, slender glasses are entirely devoid of any contaminants. The wine can be sipped later, but for now, you can just enjoy looking at it in these stemless wine glasses. Every time, take a sip and relax holding these glasses. It's a fantastic all-purpose option for wine, spirits, water, and soft beverages. The set of drinking glasses is a creative yet useful present idea.

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