Tetrapack Glass - Set Of 2

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We have all heard of tetra packs but imagine you have a glass that looks exactly like a tetra pack. That is pretty cool! Now that we have labelled it as a glass with an innovative and funky design, you are sure to be intrigued by this product. A tetrapack glass is a hand-blown and moulded glass container that evokes the comforting familiarity of a miniature milk carton and makes it easier for you to make a cocktail or mocktail.

Material : Light weight, Borosilicate Glass

Capacity : 350 ml

Height : 10 cm

Width : 7 cm

Weight ( 1 glass ) : 110 grams

Set of 2 pieces

Tetra packs are a common concept, but picture a glass that closely resembles one. That's quite awesome! With the description of "a glass with an inventive and distinctive style," you're likely to be curious about this item now. An easier way to mix a drink or mocktail is using a Tetrapack glass, which is a hand-blown and moulded glass container that conjures the cosy familiarity of a small milk carton.


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